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Hahahaha, it’s funny because she won’t get the job, since she is overqualified, and young part-time workers are cheaper.

Anyone who thinks our generation are lazy, unambitious layabouts… need to fucking lay down and die.
The harsh reality is that we are over-ambitious. We are told we can’t get anywhere without a good college degree, so we study hard, and learn all we can, and walk away with a piece of paper and skills to back it up… then we fight to break into a workforce that is already filled.
Every year more people graduate college, and the competition keeps mounting. There are a finite number of jobs, and the big-business fat-cats are cutting every corner they can to get away with NOT hiring new people, in order to maximise profits for themselves.

Then there’s the other problem of people having to work MULTIPLE jobs to support their families. Because they’re not paid enough to live on just one, they need to work three jobs to make ends meet - and that means two more jobs are filled by one person.
I’m not saying it’s “greedy” to work multiple jobs - I’m saying it’s disgusting that people are paid so little in them that they need to.

How are we supposed to get jobs when the job market is so limited - there’s not even enough work for everyone to have ONE job, much less two or three.
And the people who maintain the unemployment system have no idea how bad it really is - because they’ve had their jobs for twenty fucking years or more.

The only big company I know of that hired a graduate from my college did so because he invented a system that would cut their work down by almost 50%. That is what you need to do to get a job around here.

I have applied for every job I am qualified for.
I have applied for jobs I am almost qualified for.
I have applied for entry-level retail and fast-food jobs.
I have gotten nowhere.

And now I have the added bonus of being unable to work much at all due to my health issues. The irony of this is that I will be better off on disability - I will have the freedom to stop searching for dead-end temporary jobs, and be able to take the time to work on my own games and such. Albeit slow and in small bursts.

Also, employers want relevant experience, even for entry level jobs. Most job postings for waitressing require 2 years minimum of waitressing experience. I’m not even talking about fancy restaurants, I mean bussing tables in a pizza bar.

The problem of breaking into the job market at all is something seriously fucked up. No-one wants to hire an 18 year old when they can hire a 14 year old for the bare minimum. No-one will hire a 21 year old who is legally required to be paid a full adult wage if they can get anyone younger.

Getting into university was so important that I couldn’t even consider paid employment until finishing year 12. When I started applying for entry level fast food jobs at age 17? Rejection after rejection. If I got any feedback at all it was “Sorry, you don’t have any relevant experience” or ”We can’t know you’ll be able to cope with the work, since you’ve never worked before.”

AH, yes! How did I ever forget to mention the “experience barrier” - everyone trying to break into a job has to contend with this.

They want to take on someone with lots of experience - 2 years, 4 years, sometimes 6 or more.
I see things like “4 years, and you must have worked on at least Multi-Million Dollar Film, or AAA Game.”

Now how on earth am I going to do that if I can’t even get my foot in the door at fucking McDonalds?

And you know why they can put “2 years minimum experience” on their ads? Because there are plenty of people out there looking for those jobs with 2, 4, 8 years of experience in that role who need a job desperately.

If you want to work, you basically have to know someone in the company. If your parents run the joint, you can get in there, and get that experience. My sister has no trouble finding work now, because she has a couple years of experience - she got her first job through a combination of lying, and making very good friends with a number of people who worked there, by going to parties.
She barely made it through tenth grade.
I graduated 12th grade and college.

She has a job.
I don’t.

The system is broken, and only maintains a broken status quo. It puts barriers up to the outsiders, and puts minimal value on the insiders.
Humans are expendable assets - if they fire you, there’s a queue of people waiting to do your job.

Then there are places that exploit internships.

Some companies bring students in to work for a month for free - the old “pay you in experience” trick. Problem is, they’re not giving you the level of experience you need to secure a job, and there are dozens more students and graduates who want to get those unpaid internships, So they can just keep getting work from desperate students and grads for free.

It’s like all those artists who get asked to do something “for the exposure” - the exposure is an empty promise, and they really just want you to work for free.

The big CEOs want to keep their billion-dollar bank accounts floating. And they don’t care who has to suffer and die for that to happen.

If you wonder why so many young people are trying to make a name for themselves on the internet - “social media stars” and whatnot - it’s because it’s about the only chance we have to do something and be noticed.
We now have platforms where we can put ourselves out there, and try to make money based on our talents.

Is it a long-shot?

But it’s about the only chance we have.

This right here explains every thing read closely children cause it’s important

The thing I hate the most: entry-level jobs that require you to have experience in that job somehow, even though you can’t have had that job before because you need experience in it to be considered.
It’s absurdly mind boggling.


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